What Does HMU mean? When should you use HMU? Funniest HMU Meme

The methods of communication have always kept changing from era to era, from generation to generation. While the advent of mobile phones was being considered to be a massive leap, slowly crept in the internet with the beginning of the 21st Century and ushered in a revolution in the way people talk, communicate, interact and share their details. Major changes have come in the methods of doing business, teaching, learning, or to sum up in one word, in the way of living.

This change has also reflected itself on the language we use and with the incorporation of social media in our day to day lives, this effect has become widely noticed. There started a trend of abbreviating the commonly used phrases to just their initials and people started using it immensely as the texting language or the SMS language. These internet jargons have become a part of the regular vocabulary of the people and internet is assisting the growth of these acronyms by adding them to the Urban Dictionary.

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What is the full form of HMU and its Origin?

HMU is one such acronym which got a huge craze back in 2010 and is continuing still today.

If you have seen this word on the internet then you must be thinking what does hmu stand for?

HMU stands for Hit Me up.

Which is basically the cooler version of telling someone to text you, call you, mail you or in any way contact or interact with you. Its origin can be traced back to the summers of 2010 when Facebook recorded a huge increase in the usage of an acronym, HMU. It was speculated that the teenagers are off from school and in the vacation time, they have a lot more interaction with their friends than in the school time. This need of constant texting or communicating gave birth to HMU as it is today. Facebook registered a record usage of the word HMU at that time which was about 80,000 HMU being used per day.

Fading trend of HMU and its resurgence

As the summer break ended, Facebook again recorded a mass decrease in the usage of HMU. It was figured that the teenagers are back to school and this internet jargon has met its end sooner than expected. HMU was no longer in use until the spring break started. According to the internet savvy, the acronym HMU was back in trend as the kids wanted to meet their friends, hang out and interact and to convey all these emotions, one simple word was enough, HMU.

Later on, came Snapchat and Instagram which further popularized the word HMU. Snapchat is a simple text on picture application which was started with the aim of letting people share a slice of their daily lives with their friends and close relatives. Snapchat slowly gained a lot of property and it became the social media and interacting medium of uber cool teenagers. While Facebook was slowly becoming the area where even parents were adding the kids, both Snapchat and Instagram started ruling the market of the young generation. These kids were more inclined towards using the acronyms like LMAO, LOL, ROFL and HMU. Both the applications started rolling out stickers with text on them so that all the effort of typing us saved and the pictures also look trendy. HMU was one of the stickers which again got back its popularity and it is being used ever since.

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When is HMU used in the conversation?

Normally, when people are bored or they need to talk to someone, it has crept into the culture that one does not just ring up the other person. We make sure that the other one is free for texting, calling or conversing and then only communicate ahead. The trends of using ‘ping me’, ‘call me’ and ‘text me’, all of these have been replaced by one simple word HMU. Also, HMU is used in professional areas where further communication can be required. People also put up their stories on Instagram and Snapchat with the stickers of HMU to let others know that they are up for a talk or ask for suggestions over any topic or subject. There can be various examples of using HMU in a conversation, some of which has been listed here:

Example 1: Asking for help- “Need a small favour. Anyone free? HMU!”

Example 2: Making a plan together- “Off to the beach today. Anyone around, HMU?

Example 3: Taking suggestions- “How’s the new haircut suiting me? HMU!”

Example 4: Increasing the interactions- “For the next one hour, you can ask me anything and I will answer honestly. HMU!”

Example 5: Talking in a little professional manner- “You have been chosen for our next social media campaign. HMU with your Facebook account link to know the further details.”

Similarly, HMU can be used in various places while communicating or to initiate a conversation. Let’s have a look at the conditions of Why to use HMU!

  1. To let your community know that you are up for a conversation.
  2. To make sure that you garner proper public advice on a subject that’s troubling you.
  3. In not only recording the response of the people like on Instagram Poll, it also lets others share their complete thoughts with you.
  4. To bring in help over an issue.
  5. To discuss certain ideas upon which others can also give their opinion, or simply crowdsourcing ideas.

Thus we can see that HMU has actually become an integral part of the daily life of people and they are really using these acronyms to make their conversations easier. Day by day, words have decreased and the feelings to be conveyed have started mattering more and in these conditions, such trends of using words like HMU, LOL and ROFL have come into being.

Social media and the constant need to stay connected with your subscribers, followers and friends has further boosted the use of these internet jargons and it is needless to mention that these trends are going to continue for long. While no social media trend has lasted forever, the acronyms are still going good in the market.

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