Why SMBs Need Time Tracking Tools

Without a doubt, small and medium businesses (SMBs), especially in their infancy, get pulled in a lot of different directions every day. Whether it is an important marketing meeting, developing a new product, integrating better service practices, addressing customer concerns, or any of a hundred other reasons, business leadership typically does not have the luxury of having the time to make sure their employees are productive while online. 

But thanks to Track.ly now they can. 

Track.ly is a time tracking tool that assists SMBs whose employees have to spend any amount of time on the computer by monitoring what is being done during computer use. However, the benefits of time tracking software go far beyond just making sure employees stay off Facebook during the workday. Track.ly is a powerful tool that can integrate timesheets from a variety of projects at once while also breaking down the data by individual and date. 

The information gleaned from accurately accounting for time can be used for a variety of reasons to help SMBs to include: increased productivity, better budgeting, prevent cost overruns, identifying friction points, easier billing, and many more. Tools like Track.ly remove the guesswork and intuition about why certain employees or projects are progressing or doing better than others. Now, business leaders can use cold, hard data to make informed decisions regarding employee productivity and project progression. 

Below are three of the main ways time tracking software can help a business. 

Helps Employee Work and Productivity Tracking 

Easy to Use Time Tracking 

While this should be a given, Track.ly works as a simple desktop app that can be installed on practically any machine no matter what programs it uses and starts tracking time with one click of a button!


Taking screenshots is a great way to ensure employees are actually working when on the computer. Not only that but screenshots present an accurate work diary to show leadership just exactly how a project unfolded to see how success could be repeated in the future and shortcomings can be corrected. The default time is set for ten-minute intervals but these can be adjusted to be longer. 

Detailed Summary Reports 

Every day Track.ly will send you detailed reports of time spent working. This data is further broken down by employee and project. You can then set specific date ranges to track changes over time. The information can then be correlated for planning purposes by correlating time spent towards project goals thereby taking the guesswork out of whether a project is on schedule or not. 

Idle Time Reminders and Notes

Track.ly is a powerful time tracking software that detects mouse movement and keyboard strokes as a way to measure productivity as well. Whenever it detects neither of these, it will send a gentle reminder to input time manually. Employees also have a space where they can input notes during the work session to describe what they are doing or explain any periods of inactivity.

Transparent Employee Schedule 

As your company expands, it is quite often that employees will be spread out over multiple locations or time zones. Perhaps your company also hires contract or remote workers who are nowhere near the physical location of the office. Ensuring all employees are aware of their hours can be a nightmare to correlate in the instance. 

By creating a simple scheduling aid within the program for all employees to see, business leaders can ensure that all employees always know when they are scheduled to be working thereby eliminating lost man-hours and ensuring any gaps during the workweek are quickly filled by someone else.  Making changes is also a breeze with a few clicks and the schedule can be updated for any reason an employee cannot work that day. 

Detailed Work Diaries 

One of the most powerful features of the time tracking software is the work diaries employees can leave. These detailed notes that go along with their timesheets provide real-time information about the status of a project. No more time can be wasted holding meetings or trying to track someone down for an explanation when all the information you need to make an informed decision is all in one place. 

Identifying Problems Quickly

Because Track.ly provides daily reports, you will never be out of the loop about what is going on in your company. The information gathered can help you make informed decisions about issues identified by your employees before it becomes a greater concern. 

Helps Projects Stay on Track and on Budget 

Accurate and Automatic Billing 

The normal way of billing is complicated and leaves room for errors; especially if employing freelance workers. Normally, companies are sent invoices for each, individual person working on a particular project. The billing section must then keep a file on every person and a tracker to see which invoices have been paid and which ones are still outstanding. However, this method is slow and leaves too much room for error due to the sheer volume of invoices companies typically receive. 

Track.ly removes any human error by keeping an easy, tabulated report of hours worked that is linked to a payment method guaranteeing fast and accurate payments every time. Doing so not only streamlines the process but also makes for happier employees who can rest assured they get all the money they are entitled.

See Which Projects Are Consuming More Time 

Track.ly’s time reports make it easy to compare which projects are on track towards scheduled goals and which ones are not. Leadership can then narrow down the issue by using all the other data collected like work diaries, screenshots, and employee hours to make decisions that are more informed if a project is taking more time than it should get it back on schedule sooner.  

Filter Out Billable from Non-Billable Hours 

A common issue for businesses is getting overcharged for services rendered. By having an integrated timesheet feature along with evidence of productivity, companies can rest assured that every hour billed was actually an hour worked preventing people from intentionally or unintentionally overcharging the company.  

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