Why You Need a Fatsky Ebike for Daily Transportation

Technology has improved our life, we are living in the future now. It only makes sense that we upgrade our lifestyle to keep up with the latest technology. You may say that ebikes are the biggest transition to eco-friendly transportation.

Lesoos aims to provide electric transportation facilities that are not only affordable but can also be accessed widely by people across countries.

Lesoos has had tie-ups with some of the major international retailers who also share the joy of riding with people regardless of the country they belong to. As of 2021, Lesoos launched its own brand, with the intention of bringing to an increasing number of people, the charm and convenience of ebikes.

Since it has been in the industry for so long, a professional like ebike manufacturer is always capable of knowing what suits employees the most. The company promises to commit to create a very cost-effective ebike in the industry.

Lesoos ebike provides the best prices, one that a lot of people can afford, and also come with a good quality and riding experiences. All of this combines to make the riding process, a fun-filled activity. The company provides ebikes that are highly cost-effective for all its customers, so that they have the option of riding a better electric bike.

Lesoos is for every single biker who wields a spirit of adventure and loves to have fun. Just recently, the brand launched two of its most successful series – FatSky and PowerSky. Both have gained tremendous reputation among customers across the world.

Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike – Lesoos FatSky

Let us begin with the FatSky series. Priced at $988 this Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike is 20 inches in size and consists of a motor IP of IP54. The motor power for this ebike could range up to 500W. In addition to that, the battery for this ebike has a capacity of 48v or 12.5ah. When you’re riding this ebike, you can reach up to a maximum speed of 45 or 50 km/h.

When you set the ebike for charging, after a day of riding, it takes not more than 6 hours to get ready for the next day. This ebike also has a rear frame that has the dimensions of 40*27 cm. What sets this ebike from other ebikes is that you can fold it. In other words, you can go to some distant land with this ebike packed in your car and enjoy riding it there as well.

It also has a liquid crystal display or LCD making it all the more appealing for the riders. The battery for this ebike isn’t as heavy as you might think it to be since it’s only 3.5 kg. It is a lithium battery and can be removed from the bike when necessary. The battery is a high quality one that comes with a protection board and prevents overcharging, over-discharging, overcurrent, as well as short circuits to ensure longevity.

The battery remains protected due to its black and hard plastic shell. The LED battery indicator lets you know of how much time is left for it to be fully charged. Like any other ebike, this one too has a trumpet. However, it’s only available in the colour black.


It is equipped with fat tires that have a thickness of 4 inches which are suitable for all kinds of roads along with disc brakes. It is resistant to puncture and provides enhanced traction combining to offer smooth and stable ride.

Without pedalling, you can cover almost 37 miles and with pedalling you can cover 50 miles of distance. This ebike also consists of something called a double shock absorber to provide additional comfort to all riders especially when they are riding on uneven and rocky terrain.

The ebike is equipped with an Odometer that calculates the number of miles you have travelled; a speedometer that lets you know your current average speed; and a wattmeter that displays the power output of the ebike in real-time.

FatSky comes with a front suspension fork that has a locking device and a suspended seat-post, that in turn provides a very comfortable riding experience. The ebike also has an integrated rack on its rear. You can use it to connect baskets or platforms that you can use for carrying your cargo. In other words, you have extra space for the free storage of your belongings.

The ebike consists of dual lighting with brakes. The LED headlights make sure you keep in sight, while the taillights ensure a stable and bright pattern once the headlights are activated. Due to the Shimano 7-Speed, the biker has a wide range of gearing at their disposal. In simple terms you can undertake the most treacherous of uphill climb without much difficulty.

Let us now turn our focus to PowerSky. This 14 inch folding bicycle comes with a 350W motor that is equipped with a dual brake system and a shock absorption mechanism. You can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h and a battery capacity of 48V or15AH. The tires have a thickness of 14 inches and yet are light and powerful, something that is well suited for the cities. It has a backlit display that gives the rider travel information like power, speed, and mileage. Unlike FatSky, it only has the odometer that lets you know how many miles you have travelled.

You can fold this ebike due to its small and sturdy frame and keep it in the trunk of your car. The batteries are removable and of a high-quality that comes with a protection board for the same purposes as the FatSky ebike. This one too is covered with a black hard plastic shell and comes with an LED battery indicator to let you know about the charging status.

The PowerSky seat makes for a safe and comfortable ride for a long time along complex mountainous as well as snowy terrain. There are 3 Working Modes to this ebike – Pure electric mode, Intelligent 3 level pedal assist mode, and manual mode. Additionally, it has an Armrest folding of 180 degrees with a reduced storing that is quite convenient.

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