Why You Need Dedicated Server for your Website?

With the advancement in technology and the shift from offline to online, for almost everything in today’s society, a successful business is not complete until it has a strong online presence. To have a strong online presence, you need a fully functional website. The customers won’t even trust you completely if you don’t have a functional website with sufficient business details. A website not only makes it easier for your customers to locate you easily but also helps you get feedback, accept online orders, payments, tracking details, customer support, etc. You can add your catalogs, promotional videos, links to social media channels for better reach, and release current offers.

After you have created a website, you need to choose a web hosting service. If you’re just starting out, it makes sense to be on a shared hosting platform. However, to command a proper online presence, a bare metal server is the way to go. It’s a single-tenant, dedicated server that are not shared between other users. If you’re wondering why you should opt for a dedicated server for your website, here are the top 6 reasons:

1. Dedicated server ensures better security

Whether your business is essentially online, or only partly, online security is a crucial aspect that you cannot take for granted. If your business involves you selling things, or collecting confidential information, you might want to switch to a dedicated server. The downcast of having shared web hosting is that these servers are very prone to attacks and security breaches since they are shared by multiple websites. It’s easier to hack websites hosted on shared servers.

When it comes to updates, patches or firewall installations, shared web hosting services usually do not cover you for it. But, when you shift to a dedicated server, all your stored information would be secure and not susceptible to hacks or viruses. You can also get the proper benefits of security updates, and software and firewall installations. You can also get an added layer of protection for your dedicated server.

2. If your website witnesses a good traffic

If your website witnesses an influx of visitors every day, shared web hosting might not be a good idea for you as your page, images, videos and other media would load very slowly, which will discourage potential users and subscribers from coming back to your page. Even the major search engines like Google, Bing use page load speed as a factor while ranking websites. That’s a mistake you cannot afford to make. Usually, a shared hosting service compromises performances, when it is hosting too many sites and performing different tasks. Hence, to ensure your visitors don’t have any inconvenience and have too long a wait for processes to load on your website, shift to a dedicated server for your website.

3. No upfront capital expense

Financing technology with the upfront capital expense is so old fashioned that it doesn’t seem to work anymore. The advancement in technology exceeds supporting platforms, and more and more companies are required to preserve their capital for other areas that can propel and prompt growth for them. The cost you usually pay to your dedicated hosting service is way more than what it would take you to do it in-house when you have a dedicated server for your website. All you need to do is get a dedicated server from a trustworthy hosting provider and forget all the pain. These hosting services are very good at their job, have 24 x 7 technical support teams, and would always have your back in case of a problem.

4. Custom Programming Options galore

For when your business is growing, you need to rely on custom programming a lot, which involves shell scripts, custom software, etc. When you opt for a shared hosting service, your options for programming are limited. But having a dedicated server for your website you can opt for the software that suits your needs, with precise hardware specifications that you can use in tandem with the software. Moreover, from the operating system, you need to other distinct programming options, a dedicated server for your website allows you to have full control over your hosting environment.

5. Allows exclusive use of resources

With a dedicated server for your website, you have exclusive access to the resources. Load balancing is no longer a problem. When you are sharing your web hosting services, load balancing becomes a problem, as numerous websites are relying on the same resources to run their programs. This slows down users on your website, especially if you’re witnessing a huge influx. Your website will go down very frequently which also sends a negative signal to the search engines which in turn would affect your visibility and traffic. With CPU, RAM, and bandwidth dedicated to your exclusive use, your site performs highly even when the traffic is too much.

Having root access to the server allows you to configure settings, according to your specific needs, which in turn, helps you boost the influx of target audiences on your website. Have special security measures installed for added protection, or run your applications in a flexible and scalable way. All in all, the exclusive use of resources allows you the space for further growth and improving profits.

6. It supports and encourages expansion

If your business is one that requires more than simple web hosting like an email service of its own, or a database hosting, a dedicated server is a must for your website. Having a dedicated server allows you to run your own intranet, as well as your own email, rather than depending upon other third-party services like Microsoft Outlook or Google Apps. If needed, you can also add more memory and processing power to your existing system and expand its potential.

For database management, you can run any program you deem necessary. You can try them out and see how they work for your business. You just need to make sure the programs you’re running on your server are supported by your own operating system, and you’re good to go! With a dedicated server, from your own IP address to a better response rate, you can have it all!

These are some of the major benefits of having a dedicated server for your business. Also, it reflects a high level of professionalism if you own a dedicated server for your website because you won’t find any trustworthy or famous brands running on a shared hosting service.

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