Will my products require barcodes

When you begin producing your product, you may not be aware that in order to place your product into any retail store they will request your GS1 registered product barcode. Do not let this dishearten you as it is actually a very simple process when purchasing from a reseller such as ourselves and cost effective as well, a lot of our customers are so surprised at how quick and simple the process is with us. Have a look at our website after reading this article https://www.sabarcodes.co.za.

Therefore, the answer to the question is yes, if you plan on at any time presenting your product to retail stores and having them stock your products you will need to have purchased a registered product barcode. When purchasing a barcode you will need to provide all the information that you would like it to be registered as belonging too, remember this name will also reflect on your ownership certificate which we provide you in your electronic barcode pack via email.

Once we receive this information from you, we will register a sequence under those details so that the codes are unique to you and are now your property for life. Please note our codes do not expire and can be used any number of times. This is when you are able to choose which number you will assign to which product and you will provide this information directly to the retail stores that will be stocking your products, they will in turn link the two together on their system along with the selling price of the product, so that it will reflect when scanned at the point of sale by the cashiers.

You may also be wondering why you are required to purchase a different barcode number for each different product and product variation, this is that the store is then able to keep track of exactly what is being sold, therefore they are able to see on their system when stock is running low, as well as if the figures match when they do stock take. It helps to streamline the process and cut down on the possibility of errors occurring and stock loss. As you can determine they are extremely important and vital when broadening your sales of your products into retail.

You may decide to only sell your products in small haberdasheries, delis, boutiques or farm stalls and some of these shops may not operate on the GS1 registered product barcode global database and they may not even require a barcode or perhaps they will provide you with their own to use on your product labelling, but these stores will be far and few.

Upon researching barcodes for your products, you will see there are many different formats, and you may be not sure which format you will require for your products, this can be a tricky question as you get two different product barcodes, which are two different formats, one being the Universal Product Code which is referred to as UPC barcode as per UPC Barcodes Wikipedia for short and the European Article Number or EAN. The UPC code is 12 digits and the EAN is 13 digits. This is the only difference between the two.

When purchasing from us we will provide you with a folder for each, which will have your codes in both formats, reason for this being is you will need to confirm directly with your specific retailers which one they want you to use on your products, this is vitally important as if you go ahead and do a print on all your products in a format that the store does not accept you will need to redo all that printing, and that can be costly.

If you plan on exporting your products it will be highly likely that you will require a UPC format of your codes, different countries use different formats. As we always have our clients and their businesses as our number one priority, we will always try save you costs where we can by advising you correctly and making sure our team is always current with all barcoding news and information so that we can pass that information onto you, our loyal customers.

Have you ever had a look at the barcode on the products in retail stores? You may see that most of the them begin with the same three numbers, these numbers would be the country code, it represents the country in which that barcode was generated. See a full list of country codes on Wikipedia Barcode Country Codes.

It is not a necessity to purchase a barcode with your country code on as it depicts no information with regards to where the actual product was manufactured. For example, ours are sold in South Africa but are international and do not begin with the 600 that South African generated barcodes begin with but are able to be used in South Africa as well as worldwide.

Giving our clients the freedom to export their products or to sell on international online platforms if required. If you do come across a retailer when marketing your product that is adamant that you need to have your yours begin with your country code you will need to contact GS1 and register and become a member of their organisation and purchase your barcode directly from them, you will be required to pay an annual fee to keep your sequence active as well.

If at any stage of your purchasing journey you become stuck at some point of the process, we are available to assist you to the best of our ability with any queries you may have. At SA Barcodes we are proud of our barcode knowledge and we love interacting with our customers as well as guiding you. Retail barcodes are not the only format we sell, we have quite an extensive range of different formats that you may be interested in as well and we can email you all the information you require. A barcode can be used in all business sectors, would you like to know more, visit our website. Happy Barcoding!

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