WinX MediaTrans Giveaway – Best iTunes Alternative

Tired of using iTunes? iTunes restricting you from managing your iPhone data effortlessly? Want to play non-iTunes music on iPhone? If so then there is a perfect solution for you.

Though iPhones offer you top-notch features when it comes to managing your data such as videos, photos, music, etc. then there are a lot of restrictions. It is pretty difficult to manage iPhone data. Apple has provided iTunes to manage iPhone data but using iTunes to manage data is not quite pleasing. iTunes puts a lot of restrictions in non-iTunes music, videos, ebooks, and other data.

WinX MediaTrans is one of the best alternatives to iTunes for iOs users. It contains many handy and powerful features that make iPhone data management quick, easy and fun. It is the perfect iTunes alternative. So, let’s get to know about WinX MediaTrans and why it should be replacing iTunes. Here we go…

Features Of WinX MediaTrans

Manage iPhone Music & Playlist Effortlessly

Managing your music and playlists via iTunes is a daunting task. iTunes is terrible when it comes to syncing music. It takes forever to sync your tracks and songs.

But not anymore, as WinX MediaTrans is here for you. WinX MediaTrans provides a simple and easy way to transfer or manage your iPhone music and playlists. You can quickly add/remove or transfer any track without any hassle. This wonderful iPhone data managing software offers you a two-way music transfer. You can transfer music between iOS 13 GM and Windows OS.

WinX MediaTrans also enables you to create, delete, and modify playlists. You simply need to drag-n-drop for adding and managing songs with this software. You can even manage ringtones and voice easily.

Transfer Data without Erasing

Another problem that most of us face while using iTunes is when you want to transfer data. Most of the time iTunes lags and freezes while transferring data and in some cases, data can also be erased while performing data transferring or data backup.

But if you use WinX MediaTrans then you can transfer or sync data between iPhone/iPad and PC effortlessly and that too without getting your data erased.

Backup Photos And Vides

If your iPhone space is full and you want to empty it but need to backup or send those files to your PC then WinX MediaTrans is the best option for you. This iPhone manager lets you backup whole data including your photos, videos, contacts, history, etc. Not only this but you can also backup all the third-party applications to your PC.

And if there are some files on your PC that you want to transfer to your iPhone, then just drag-n-drop those files. So, it is that easy to backup your iPhone using WinX MediaTrans.

Non-iTunes Music On iPhone

What’s more? WinX MediaTrans also lets you add non-iTunes music on your iPhone. Unlike iTunes which allows you to add or play only the iTunes music this software lets you add and play as many non-iTunes songs as you want on your iPhone. This is such relief as it is pretty frustrating that you can add any other music which you have not purchased on iTunes.

Password Protect Your Files

You can even protect your photos and other private data with password encryption using WinX MediaTrans. It secures your device with unbreakable encryption with 256-bit AES, 1024-bit RSA, PBKDF2, Argon2. You can easily password protect all the files transferred from iOS to PC. You can Save Words, PDF, Excel files, apps, and others on your iPhone with encryption. It also prevents brute-force attacks from cracking the password.

Convert And Compress Media Files

Not only for iPhone data managing and transferring but WinX MediaTrans also allows you to convert any video format to iPhone compatible format. This conversion makes sure that every video you are copying from your PC to iPhone plays without any error. WinX MediaTrans also reduces the big media files and compresses them up to 50%, without any quality loss. You can easily import and export high-quality media files between iDevice and PC with ease using WinX MediaTrans.

Bumper Offer!

Now that you have known that WinX MediaTrans is such a powerful and helpful tool to manage your iPhone easily, here is another surprise for you.

There is a giveaway going on in which you can get the free license of WinX MediaTrans.

Also, if you want to upgrade WinX MediaTrans (worth $59.95) then you can get it for $25.95 during this giveaway period.

This is such an amazing offer that you can’t miss. But hurry up, as it is a limited time offer. So, grab it before it ends.


  • Free Trial
  • Full Version WinX MediaTrans – $25.95 (discounted price)

Final Words

WinX MediaTrans is such a professional iPhone data management tool and an ideal candidate for replacing the need of iTunes. It is packed with some great efficient features that you have already learned about. With all such handy features such as data transfer, adding and playing non-iTunes music, data protection, data syncing, etc, it makes a perfect iTunes alternative. You can try the software with its trial version. And with the giveaway, you can get the free license of WinX MediaTrans. And also can upgrade to t full lifetime version for only $29.95.

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