Wondershare Mirrorgo: Features You Should Know About

Even in the beginning of the 21st century, the human beings residing on the surface of the earth could not believe that there will be a day when they can depend on their mobile phones for performing most of the important tasks in a day. The Smartphones are considered as the finest example of the advancement of technology and the best thing is that technology did not just stop there and today those smartphones can be controlled from other devices as well.

The little touch screen of an iPhone might often seem inconvenient for performing certain tasks  and often the contents of the phone is required to be casted on larger screens for smoother workflow. The modern screen mirroring apps and software programs help the mobile users to cast their screens in their PCs as well as other larger screened devices. WonderShare’s MirrorGo is one such software that helps individuals to mirror iPhones to PCs as well as other devices.

What is MirrorGo?

These days no matter whether you want to watch your favorite movie or play your favorite game, mobile phones are the first gadgets that can come to your mind to enjoy these things. But often the little screen fails to offer all the thrills and beauties of a movie or does not allow for a restful thumb while playing. 

So, in order to overcome these issues, people tend to cast the screens of their iPhones with their PCs and enjoy all the thrills of a battlefield as well as all the beauties of nature in the ranges of full-screen. By Using MirrorGo, you can eliminate any constraint that can take away the pleasure of playing a favorite game or watching a favorite movie. The commonly used conventional emulators often face downtime in high-end screen mirroring, whereas this app operates seamlessly with a stable platform.

What is special about MirrorGo?

Other than casting an iPhone’s screen on a PC in some simple steps and providing a great view, the combination of controls via keyboards and mouse can help in adding on an insane amount of liveliness to the games or the videos the user is playing or watching. While you are playing and your play gets better, you will also have the option to record and share it online. Simultaneously, if you have an important meeting with some of your clients or business partners, you can attend it from your PC and also record the whole conversation for any future reference. By just plugging into MirrorGo, users can record live moments into a great tutorial. It also allows taking screenshots for closer demonstration.

Other than these, as you will be offered with the option of parallel operation of your iPhone and the computer, the other mobile functions also become equally accessible. With the help of this software you can access the text messages, gallery, open certain apps in your phone, become online on your social media account and control your phone totally with the help of the mouse. You will be able to alter the activities functioning on the background and you can also turn the activities off for having uninterrupted experiences.

Features offered by MirrorGo that you should know

1. Control your iPhone screen on the computer

With the help of this app or software program, you can control your iPhone screen by simply using a mouse on the computer and perform all the functions of your phone from the computer itself. You will be able to open all the mobile apps that are installed in your phone, check mails, play games and also reply from your PC.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, when individuals were forced to work from home, this app was greatly useful as it allowed its users to collaborate working with phones and PCs.

2. Mirror iPhone screen with computer wirelessly

You will be able to mirror your iPhone screen to your computer wireless with Wi-Fi connection without any requirement of cumbersome cable and other plugs. Without the requirement of any cable, the job becomes easier and you will only need to connect your iPhone and computer with the same Wi-Fi network. It is the only excellent way to cast an important presentation from a mobile onto a computer.

3. Record Ios screen on a computer in real time

You will be able to directly record your iPhone screen on your computer by simply pressing the ‘Record’ button. For getting a clearer view, you can also maximize the phone screen on the computer. This feature helps mostly the students and trainees as they can record the lecture tutorial, presentation video easily with one click.

4. Take a screenshot of your phone on the PC and save it to the clipboard or PC

If you want to take a screenshot of your phone, you would not be required to open your phone and do it. Rather you can directly take the screenshots of the phone from your computer screen in one-click and save it to the clipboard. With the simple two step ctrl+c and ctrl +v you can have the screenshots saved directly in your phone.

5. Handle all the mobile notifications on the PC

This app will ensure that you don’t miss any notification of your mobile phone when you are using the computer. You can handle all the notifications on the computer like you do on the phone like clicking to check, reply, or slide and ignore.

6. Presentation on larger screens in work and for academic purposes

There are certain projects that are required to be casted on larger screens to share with all the members present in a meeting room or class room. With the help of MirrorGo a project can be casted easily in a simple way and in a seamless manner.

So, with all the features as well as benefits, WonderShare’s MirrorGo is becoming more popular and more number of iPhone users are depending on this software program to mirror their phone’s screen on their computers’ screen.

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