Worried Employees? Here’s How to Make Them Safe During Coronavirus

Artificial intelligence and advanced modern technology are increasingly being used as a weapon in our fight against coronavirus around the globe.Recent instances include the use of facial recognition biometric attendance system instead of fingerprint scanners because fingerprint scanners require employees to touch the same surface which could potentially spread the COVID-19virus or other infections.

Hence, a touchless biometric attendance system such as KENT CamAttendance is the need of the hour. It usesAI-based computer vision to capture and recognize the face of employees for attendance. It is a faster and more reliable system to manage attendance.

How Does a Touchless Biometric Attendance System Work?

The touchless face biometric attendance system is managed via a secure cloud application that stores employees’ records and photos so that the data is seamlessly integrated with the existing HRMs.

How does it work?

  • The company creates employee records on the cloud app
  • The employee faces the face recognition based biometric attendance system 
  • The device captures the face and matches it with photos of all the registered employees to recognize him/her
  • Employee’s attendance records are sent to the cloud app in real-time
  • Employee details are flashed on the screen including check-in and check-out time
  • Attendance record is stored on the cloud app and is used to generate attendance reports 
  • Mask detection is also given as an option to organizations

Touchless Biometric Attendance System’s Features

The Coronavirus outbreak is spurring a shift from fingerprint sensors to facial recognition mechanisms. Here are a few essential features of a contactless biometric attendance system that make it a must-have for any organization:

  • Real Person Detection

The patented algorithm helps differentiate between a real person and a printed photo.

  • High Accuracy and Speed

As opposed to manual management of attendance, face recognition systems work within a fraction of seconds and with more than 99.9% accuracy.

  • AI Face Recognition

AI-based computer vision is used for face detection and face recognition.

  • Alerts

The face biometric attendance system sends SMS alerts for every check in/out of the employee.

Mask Detection

It has an inbuilt algorithm for mask detection that can be enabled or disabled by the organization. 

Why Should you Install Face Biometric Attendance System?

One of the biggest reasons why touchless biometric attendance system is becoming popular in organizations is the COVID-19 crisis. However, itsadvantages are not just limited to the virus. 

Let’s take a quick look at some more benefits of this innovative biometric attendance system:


  • Saves a Lot of Time


The staff does not need to touch the surface of the system. Facial recognition permits employees to waltz in and out in seconds, instantly removing the inconvenience of swiping cards. It saves bothtime and effort, resulting in a satisfactory working environment.


  • Easy to Install


Facial recognition systems can be easilyinstalled, and the cloud app can be easily accessed through the web-portal. Most of the systems work with the HRMS software that you have already been using.


  • Upsurges Security


Facial biometric attendance system allows you to not only track employees’presence but also denies access to any person who is not registered in the system. If a mysterious incident occurs, facial recognition software can serveas evidence for an investigation with scanned images of a person or persons who have tried entering the area.

Make sure to choose a biometric attendance system from reliable brands like KENT CamAttendance with state-of-the-art technology and free installation.You can book a demo for free and know about the specifications in detail! 

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