Your Big Goal Is Like This

Your Big Goal Is Like This

YOUR BIG CRAZY HUGE GOAL IS LIKE THIS… Do you remember the day you learned as a kid to ride a bike? It was likely a huge pivotal moment for you… the day you learned you COULD.

I was super young and my dad taught me. I was “SO SCARED” for him to let go. I remember crying and hiding in my room saying “I don’t want to do it!” I DID want the result (to ride the bike without training wheels like a big kid) but I was so dang scared.

Scared I would fall
Scared I would get hurt
Scared I’d fail
Scared I could not do it.

My dad persuaded me to try and eventually I DECIDED the trust the process. As I pedaled on my banana seated glittery big girls bike, I felt ok because I ‘believed’ my dad was holding onto the back. When I looked back and saw he had actually let go and was standing there instead proud and grinning and cheering me on I realized that I was DOING IT! Not only was I riding but I was safe and doing it well!! Go little me!

Now, at almost age 49 I still remember that day so vividly as it was pivotal.

I never “forgot” how to ride a bike after that day so many years ago. And likely you didn’t forget either after you learned.

Alllll of our big scary goals can be like riding that bike. It STARTS with trusting the process and asking for support.

When you couple your decision, vision and ACTION with someone cheering you on and supporting you you become unstoppable.

What is that big goal you have been avoiding? What if you knew that it would be just like riding that bike.


Natalie Jill

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