Your Subconscious Is So Powerful

Your Subconscious Is So Powerful

This is not a recent picture of me doing my once favorite “L SITS” on the rings! As you may know already,  I had a very rough 2019 and start to 2020.

As I type this, my workouts are no where near this level after taking 7 weeks off for my distal bicep tear repair surgery and now truly starting over as I’ve been sharing on my IG stories and in many of my newsletters.

I’ve gained fat, I’ve lost muscle, my nerves are damaged in my right arm and hand and I still have pain. And.. it will be another 4 months before I get to attempt chin-ups again let along my rings.

Sooooo why do I share THIS video of me at my peak state of fitness a few years back?

Because our subconscious is powerful…SO POWERFUL

What we BELIEVE we achieve.
What we DECIDE we create
And what we VISUALIZE and FOCUS on we attract.

This is true with physique, finances, careers, relationship, everything.

It is so natural with set backs, injuries, uncomfortable change (hello what’s going on in the world!) to get caught up on:

  • What is wrong
  • What we can’t do
  • Why things have changed
  • The problem (injury, circumstance, whatever)
  • Lack
  • Excuses
  • And what I call F.A.T. (False assumed truths)

When I do my workouts and rehab now I first look at videos of me at my PEAK. I then visualize I am headed THERE. I stop my brain from what is wrong and focus on where I’m headed.

You can do the SAME. Ask yourself… what is it you WANT and start taking actions from your future self: what would that future version of YOU do today?

You are not too old and it is not too late. If my 48 year old self can do this after two major set backs and surgeries in the last 12 months YOU CAN TOO.If you want to know why my future Natalie Jill is doing THIS is what I’m doing.

And… if you want the exact moves I’m doing beginner to advanced and what I’m eating to get back stronger than ever I’ve laid it alllll out for your in my HOME FIT bundle here.


Natalie Jill

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